Telco Commerce Initiative
Telco Commerce Initiative

Say hello to the world's first cloud-based Adaptive Telco Commerce Suite

AOE, People at Work Systems and Salesforce Industries form a strategic teaming to provide a cloud-based adaptive telco commerce suite that reshapes your business future. As “Experience is the new product!” for your customers, we make that happen with a composable architecture.

Adaptive Telco Commerce Suite in action

The Adaptive Telco Commerce Suite gives an impression of just how seamless the cloud-based suite managed backend and frontend processes, that allow to plug & play the required customer experience and BSS components to digitize any use cases in no time.

Digital Transformation

Re-think and create composable business

Achieved KPIs

  • 6 million unique visitors per day
  • 50% of activations from competitors
  • 200% increased opportunities
  • 25% reduction in IT cost

What's in for you

We make composable business happen in the emerging ecosystems of telco, energy and entertainment, all while having 5G at our doorstep. Break up monolithic-grown architectures, slowing you down and embrace what is ahead with cutting-edge, API-first technology solutions. Create a composable architecture.

Achieving accelerated time-to-market
with a composable architecture

The cloud-based Adaptice Telco Commerce Suite delivers for communication service providers and mobile virtual network operator a TMF-compliant solution that integrates business service operations with a seamless E-Commerce user experience.

  • Adaptive based on TMF standard to integrate seamless business services boosting your sales.
  • Commerce with plug & play SaaS-based product components optimizing customer experience.
  • Suite for you to choose how to rebuild your existing portal solution step by step.

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